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Inspiring Tomorrow’s Tech Leaders: GirlTech Africa’s Impact at ABC Academy, Zaria
Written by Maryam Haliru
Last Updated: December 22, 2023

GirlTech Africa Kaduna from Sabon Gari local government in Zaria recently stepped into ABC Academy in Kabama Zaria, setting off on a revolutionary adventure. Their goal was to inspire young girls who are keen to learn about the field of technology to be creative and curious, even if it was a straightforward mission. Their visit had an extraordinary effect on the kids, creating a resurgence of interest in technology and leaving a lasting impression.

ABC Academy

The tech industry is vast and includes a wide range of jobs that go beyond basic computer programming. In an interesting talk, Ila Bappa described the broad spectrum of jobs available in technology, from cybersecurity experts protecting our digital worlds to user experience designers. Expert in search engine optimization Suwaiba Dalhatu explained the detailed internal workings of SEO and illustrated its application to students’ everyday lives. Their message was very clear: there is a place in the digital industry for everyone, regardless of interests or skills.

Crucially, the visit aimed to bridge the gender gap entrenched in computing. Maryam Haliru passionately advocated for bridging the gender gap, sharing her personal journey as a woman thriving in the tech domain. Highlighting contributions by accomplished women in tech, the objective was to empower the students, fostering the belief that success in tech knows no gender barriers.


Central to the visit was an interactive dialogue with the students, encouraging them to voice their thoughts, ask questions, and dispel any uncertainties about tech careers. The response was inspiring. A question posed by Ila Bappa led to Muhammad Sani earning a scholarship for UI/UX studies at MediaHooch Spaces. The students exhibited a keen interest in participating in the digital revolution, seeking guidance on educational pathways and skill development. The team’s anecdotes and guidance resonated deeply, instilling in them the value of continuous learning in a tech-centric world.


As the excursion drew to a close, the team departed ABC Academy, leaving behind a trail of optimism and inspiration. GirlTech Africa reinforced its commitment to supporting women in technology-related fields. Their belief in these young girls’ potential to bridge generational divides with the right guidance and information was unwavering.

GirlTech Africa remains resolute in nurturing the tech leaders of tomorrow and advocating for an equal footing for girls in the digital revolution. The visit to ABC Academy was a testament to the extraordinary potential residing within young girls. By showcasing the diversity of tech roles and breaking down gender-based barriers, they sowed the seeds for a more inclusive and tech-savvy future.

In essence, GirlTech Africa’s visit to ABC Academy, Zaria, was not merely an event; it was a catalyst for change. It illuminated possibilities, shattered stereotypes, and inspired a new generation of tech enthusiasts. Together, let’s forge a future where inclusivity reigns supreme and young girls stand shoulder to shoulder in driving technological advancements.