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GirlTech Africa Inspires at Ibrahim Bello Memorial, Zaria
Written by Maryam Haliru
Last Updated: December 22, 2023

GirlTech Africa made a powerful impact during their visit to Ibrahim Bello Memorial Layin Zomo in Sabon Gari, Kaduna State. The enthralling tech talk session ignited aspirations among the girls, urging them to fearlessly pursue tech-related fields while setting their sights on a future full of possibilities.

The team, led by tech luminary Ila Bappa, kickstarted the session with an inspiring speech, engaging the girls with thought-provoking questions. The highlight was when grade three student, Fatima Sayyedi Shu’aib, impressed the team with her responses, earning herself a UI/UX scholarship at Mediahooch spaces—an act intended to spark motivation among her peers to venture into tech careers.

Gender stereotypes within the tech ecosystem were challenged head-on during the discussion. Maryam Haliru, a project manager, shared her journey in a male-dominated industry, emphasizing that success in tech knows no gender. The session underscored the pivotal role girls can play in narrowing the gender gap in tech, highlighting the achievements of accomplished women in the sector.

Volunteers from various parts of Zaria added flavour to the session, with Abubabkar Sadiq Umechivi delivering an engaging speech on YouTube content creation. His story resonated, showcasing that tech careers are not exclusive to those who studied computer science but rather open and welcoming to anyone passionate about it.

As the session concluded, the atmosphere buzzed with excitement. The girls were eager to be a part of GirlTech Africa’s initiative, their minds brimming with new ideas and a hunger for technology. GirlTech Africa departed, leaving behind a reinvigorated sense of purpose, ready to introduce these bright minds to the wonders of innovative technology.