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GirlTech Africa Trip to ABC Academy Zaria: Empowering Tech Pioneers in the Field
Written by Maryam Haliru
Last Updated: December 16, 2023

Modern girls are left behind in a world where technology is advancing at a rapid pace. They lack curiosity in how the world works or how technology may improve women’s lot in life as a whole. The mission of Girl ICT Africa is to empower 50 million girls with extraordinary technological skills by the year 2050. The programme visited ABC Academy Zaria where inquisitive and imaginative individuals who are keen to understand the workings of the computer industry had a fantastic session with the Girls and where encouraged by the response of the school managements and students at large.

The Driven Force


Our visits to ABC Academy was more like an eye opener to the team, it was more like seeing the old version of oneself but in a new generation. Walking through the school and having a one on one chat with some of the students, we could relate to mostly everything but more like with a different story.  Clashes of dreams and curiosity amidst enthusiasm was all you could read through the students, they are the natives of technology who needs only but a little push to make our world a better place and create a promising future and environments for next generations.

Various Roles in Tech

The technology industry is broad and diverse, with a large range of jobs available that go beyond just coding. In our engaging discussion with the kids, we covered the range of jobs in technology, from user experience designers to cybersecurity specialists who protect our digital environment to anyone who wants to use technology. We stressed that everyone has a place in the tech business, regardless of their hobbies or strong points. Through engaging talks and real-world examples, the presenters revealed the adaptability and dynamic nature of jobs in technology, enthralling the audience with their insights.

Diminishing Obstacles


Dismantling gender stereotypes in computing was one of the main points we made. Although historically there has been a gender disparity in the technology industry, we sincerely think that girls can play a key role in bridging this gap. We discussed the accomplishments and contributions made by accomplished women in the tech sector. Our goal was to demonstrate to the students that they can achieve success in tech-related sectors as well.

Engaging Conversations


Our visit’s main activity was our interactive discussion with the kids. We urged them to share their thoughts, pose inquiries, and voice any doubts they might have had about pursuing careers in technology. Students responded remarkably well, demonstrating a sincere curiosity about the opportunities that technology offers. They expressed a wish to participate in the digital revolution, asked about educational prospects, and wanted advice on skill development. Our tales and counsel struck a deep chord with the kids, encouraging them to think about the variety of career options as well as the value of lifelong learning and flexibility in a tech-driven society.

Unleashing Girls’ Ability in Technology

Our excursion had come to an end as we exited ABC Academy’s grounds. As we departed the school with a renewed sense of optimism, inspiration, and hope, GirlTech Africa reinforced our dedication to supporting women in all fields related to technology. If given the right information, guidance, and support, we are confident that these young girls can make a big contribution to bringing about the change needed to bridge the generational divide.


GirlTech Africa is steadfast in its commitment to nurturing the tech leaders of tomorrow and ensuring that girls have an equal place in the digital revolution. Together, we can make a difference and create a more inclusive and tech-savvy future for all. Our visit to ABC Academy Zaria served as a reminder of the incredible potential that young girls hold. By discussing the diverse roles in tech and breaking down obstacles based on gender, we hope to inspire and empower these students to pursue careers in technology with confidence.