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School visit:Exploring the Dynamic World of Tech and Education at Blessing Arziki International School, Zaria
Written by Maryam Haliru
Last Updated: March 19, 2024

As part of the GirlTech Africa mission to reach out to young girls between the ages of 6 and 10, our team members recently paid a school visit to Blessing Arziki International School in Zaria, Sabon Gari local government, Kaduna State, for our usual ‘tech talks’. This is a program under our “Get Them Young” project.

What Happened?

The weekly school visit to Blessing Arziki International School was done on Monday, November 11, 2024. As our ‘Tech Talk’ team arrived at the school, they formally introduced themselves to the wonderful teachers and staff. After a warm welcome from the school’s principal, our team was guided to a hall filled with eager secondary school girls who were curious about the team’s visit and what they had in store for them.

Our session was a melting pot of creativity, tech know-how, and shared knowledge. The tech talk with the student was headed by inspiring YouTuber and content creator Abubakar Sadiq Umechivi. He told the students why they needed to embrace the tech space and highlighted the importance of having more women in technology. 

Abubakar’s story is one of humor, insight, and resilience. He shared how he navigated the fast-paced tech world from humble beginnings to digital success. His advice on content creation and online presence is that they need to get into the tech space at a young age, as they can learn and grow faster.

Next up was Suwaiba Dalhatu, an SEO wizard with a unique story; her expertise in search engine optimization wowed everyone. Suwaiba’s blend of creativity and analysis shed light on SEO’s vital role in digital marketing. She used her story to inspire the students and show them that there are limitless opportunities in tech, regardless of one’s background.

tech talk

Following Suwaiba’s amazing presentation, Maryam Haliru Umar, the project manager at GirlTech Africa, took the stage to discuss project management and her passion for chasing her dream of becoming a cybersecurity expert. With her extensive experience, Maryam shared her story and how technology has significantly enhanced her growth as a strategic planner and digital security enthusiast. Her real-world examples made the complex world of cybersecurity more understandable. Her talk inspired a new appreciation for the synergy between technology and security.

 The Impact of Our Visit

Our school visit left a lasting impression on the students and staff of Blessing Arziki International School. The corridors buzzed with excitement as the lessons from our speaker’s speeches sparked curiosity and ambition. We also proposed the establishment of a GirlTech Club in the school.

Also, during the Tech Talk, we awarded a scholarship to an SS3 student by the name of Maryam Abdulaziz to help her kick-start her journey as a front-end developer with one of GirlTech Africa’s collaborative partners, Media Hooch.

Looking Forward

The energy and enthusiasm we witnessed at Blessing Arziki International School during our school visit are just the beginning. We’re excited about the potential these young minds have to revolutionize the tech world. As the conversations from our visit continue to inspire us, we’re reminded of the bright future ahead for these budding tech enthusiasts. Here’s to cultivating the next generation of trailblazers ready to make their mark on the world!