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Celebrating Women in Tech on International Women’s Day 2024
Written by Maryam Haliru
Last Updated: March 22, 2024

We are thrilled to welcome you to our celebration of the remarkable accomplishments of women in the technology sector on International Women’s Day, March 8th, 2024. Under the theme of “Rise Together: Celebrating Women in Tech,” we are driven by the unwavering passion of Vanessa Anosi Odidi, a staunch advocate for women’s empowerment in technology. Together, we embark on a mission to elevate the voices and contributions of women in this dynamic field.

Vanessa, an experienced public speaker and advocate, leads our event with her passion and expertise. Through her inspiring words and unwavering commitment, she ignites the flames of empowerment, emphasizing the indispensable role of women in shaping the future of technology.

Our esteemed panel begins with Maryam Haliru Umar, a project manager whose words deeply resonate with our theme. With eloquence and fervor, Maryam sheds light on a critical issue: the alarming mortality rate among men.
She asserts, “Many women harbor apprehensions about entering the tech space, unaware that today, the opportunities for wealth lie abundantly online. Some widows find themselves with 6–10 children to care for, struggling to provide. How can a mother work with such a large brood? Thankfully, technology has simplified matters with remote work and freelancing opportunities. Now, one can both earn a living and nurture their children from home.”

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Maryam also shares an inspiring narrative of modern empowerment, shedding light on how women leverage tools like the Canva app to create impactful designs and generate income from home. She unveils a myriad of opportunities, showcasing the diverse roles women can undertake without leaving their homes. With gratitude towards science and technology, Maryam celebrates the doors these innovations have opened, bringing boundless possibilities to our doorstep. Yet, Maryam does more than just highlight the problem; she ignites a passion within us, urging women to boldly embrace technology. She reminds us that our distinct perspectives and inherent talents possess the potential to shape a future brimming with purpose and transformation.

Our second speaker, Nafisa Lawal Idris, shares an encouraging video message with her fellow women. Nafisa, an extraordinary data scientist, embodies the essence of “Rising Together: Celebrating Women in Tech” with her passion for innovation and commitment to diversity. Her journey is a symphony of triumphs over adversity, serving as a beacon of hope for aspiring technologists worldwide.
In addition to her career accomplishments, Nafisa volunteers her time for advocacy work and mentorship programs that support underrepresented groups in STEM professions. She relentlessly promotes equity and inclusion as a global ambassador for female empowerment in technology, motivating the following generation of trailblazers.
In keeping with our ongoing commitment to the admirable goal of empowering women in technology, our valued ally Spurt offers a deeply motivating video message from Princess Ekokpayi, their Chief Operating Officer. Her passionate speech not only illuminates our path, but it also kindles a desire for success in every woman who aspires to work in technology. Let’s respond to her call to action by dismantling obstacles and fostering a gender-inclusive atmosphere as we boldly move towards a time where every woman’s potential in technology is limitless.”

Hassan Fadeelah, a final-year mass communication student at Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria, underwent a transformative journey during the 2020 lockdown, evolving from a burgeoning social media maven to a fervent tech enthusiast. Her narrative captivates, illustrating the dynamic fusion of passion and adaptability amidst adversity.

In the crucible of lockdown constraints, Hassan didn’t merely adapt; she thrived. Transitioning from conventional communication avenues, she delved deep into the realm of technology, unearthing its vast potential. From mastering social media dynamics to wielding the formidable power of AI for societal betterment, Hassan’s odyssey epitomizes the indomitable spirit of exploration and innovation.

Her story serves as a potent reminder of the boundless opportunities awaiting those who embrace change and venture into the unknown. Through her journey, Hassan ignites a spark within us all, urging us to embrace perpetual learning and creativity, transcending the confines of our backgrounds.

As we celebrate the achievements of women in tech on this International Women’s Day 2024, let us also acknowledge the importance of mentorship, advocacy, and collective action in fostering an inclusive and diverse tech community. Together, we rise to the challenge, empowering women to thrive and excel in every aspect of the technological landscape.

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In the spirit of International Women’s Day 2024, let us unite to celebrate, empower, and elevate women in tech as we journey towards a reign’s future, and women’s contributions are celebrated and valued in every sphere of society.”